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The faculty of I.P.Mission Higher Secondary School, Ahmedabad. Shapes its special character.Each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar,an expert in his or her own field.The faculty of I.P.Mission Higher Secondary School, Ahmedabad, Consist of 25 full time highly qualified teachers; who have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields.

This academic community not only imparts instruction through the regular teaching periods,it also engages students in a variety of other ways,whether it is to conduct the morning assembly,arrange and participate in cultural shows,or just simply arranges visits.

All teachers are also involved in some school activities,as the Eco-Club,Maths and Science Club,Cultural Department,S.P.C. and Sports , to name a few.

Teaching Style: Students learn through teachers instruction,group activities and field trips. Teachers of the school also use modern technology to encourage the students to learn better. They use computer and multi-media lab to explain the topic. Teachers use student centered style which instills confidence,initiative and the development of critical and analytical skill.


1 Binduben J. Christian Principal B.Com
2 Sarojben R. Christian Assistant Teacher H.S.C
3 Lizaben M.Bariya Assistant Teacher B.A,B.Ed
4 Sarmisthaben Mecwan Assistant Teacher P.P.T.C
5 Parlinben C.Christian Assistant Teacher P.P.T.C,M.A
6 Sardaben V.Katara Assistant Teacher B.A,B.Ed
7 Gauriben K.Rahut Assistant Teacher P.T.C
8 Kantibhai V.Kalasava Assistant Teacher B.Com,B.Ed
9 Dixitaben V.Christian Assistant Teacher P.T.C
10 Smitaben A.Christian Assistant Teacher P.T.C
11 Monikaben V.Solanki Assistant Teacher P.T.C
12 Sonalben C.Benjamin Assistant Teacher P.T.C
13 Frenyben A.Christian Assistant Teacher B.A,B.Ed
14 Izabelaben J.Kanthariya Assistant Teacher P.T.C
15 Priscilaben D.Christie Assistant Teacher P.T.C
16 Jyotiben J.Christian Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed
17 Anilbhai S.Christian Assistant Teacher P.T.C,B.A
18 Sonalben M.Gohil Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed
19 Jackqualineben J.Christian Assistant Teacher P.T.C
20 Rixanrajen G.Desai Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed
21 Smitaben J.Frank Assistant Teacher B.Sc,B.Ed
22 Ellanben J.Christian Assistant Teacher P.T.C,B.A
23 Bipinchandra P.Vaghela Assistant Teacher A.T.D
24 Sangada Vandana Assistant Teacher B.A, P.T.C
25 Gamit Kalpana Suryakant Assistant Teacher B.A, D.P.Ed
26 Bariya Liza M. Assistant Teacher B.A, B.Ed
27 Harunbhai S.Christian Clerk B.Com
28 Sonal A.Christian Clerk B.Com
29 Christie Imanuel B. Clerk H.S.C.
30 Merchant prafullaben Peon H.S.C
31 Christian Sugnaben Peon S.S.C
32 Chudasama Arunaben Peon S.S.C
33 Rajwadi Sumanben Peon S.S.C

1 Mr.Jayantilal .D. Kalasava Principal B.A ,D.P.Ed, M.PE Physical Education
2 Subodh A. Christian Supervisor B.Sc,B.Ed Physics, Maths,Science
3 Yogesh N. Soni Assistant Teacher B.A , A.T.D,B.Ed Drawing ,Hindi
4 Anjana W. Harry Assistant Teacher M.A ,B.Ed Hindi, Gujarati
5 Nootanben A. Baraiya Assistant Teacher M.A, B.Ed Gujarati, Geography
6 Suryakant P. Patel Assistant Teacher B.Sc, B.Ed Maths,Science
7 Vinodaben S. Kharadi Assistant Teacher B.A,B.Ed Sanskrit,Gujarati
8 Premilaben B. Patel Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed Gujarati, Social science
9 Chirag A. Upadhyay Assistant Teacher B.A,M.Ed English,Sanskrit
10 Laxmanbhai D. Makwana Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed History,Social Science, Gujarati
11 Victor D. Christie Assistant Teacher B.Sc , B.Ed Maths,Science
12 Krishnaben K. Pandav Assistant Teacher B.Sc,B.Ed Maths,Science, Chemistry
13 Dineshkumar V.Gameti Assistant Teacher B.A,B.Ed,M.PE, M.Phil Physical Education
14 Kalpana.O. Christian Assistant Teacher M.Com,B.Ed Account,Eco.
15 Sarojben .J. Kalasava Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed Hindi
16 SamirKumar.J. Parmar Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed,D.P.Ed Eco.,History, Physical-Education
17 Anjanaben.B. Patel Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed Gujarati,History
18 Jinkal. P. Trivedi Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed English, Sanskrit
19 RajeshKumar K.Joshi Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed Psychology, Gujarati
20 Dipakbhai.N. Vaghela Assistant Teacher M.A.,B.Ed Economics, History
21 Ghanshyambhai.A. Dodiya Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed English, History,Sanskrit
22 Manishbhai.G. Macwan Assistant Teacher M.A,B.Ed,D.P.Ed Sanskrit,Gujarati
23 Belaben.H.Shah Assistant Teacher B.Sc.,B.Ed Maths,Science
24 Mike .W. Mceween Assistant Teacher M.Com,M.Ed Account
25 Kailashben.K. Prajapati Assistant Teacher M.Com,B.Ed State

1 Shankarbhai G. Katara Clerk
2 Devilal S.Kalal Peon
3 Anilkumar P. Christian Peon
4 Ishak M.Bhabhor Peon

150 Glorious Years

pix I.P.Mission Higher Secondary School completed it's 150 glorious years in 2016.We are grateful to all known and unknown person who join us in 150 year's celebration and help us to make it possible.We are also grateful to G.C.S.S , I.P.Mission Trust , staff members , students and parents and all well wishers who join us.

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